Latest Video: Bhagwant Mann speech at Dhuri

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AAP Candidate from Sangrur constituency, Bhagwant Mann addresses a rally at Dhuri, Sangrur. Bhagwant Mann stresses the need to come together to rid Punjab of corruption and injustice. Commenting on the fact elected MP’s such as Dhindsa/Singhla (Akali Dal/Congress) are nowhere to be seen for 4years and 9months, until re-election period approaches. Those elected where supposed to represent the area in Parliament to find ways of developing the area, construction of hospitals and schools, raise employment, instead sell the future of the nation. Stating that Punjab which has become the largest cancer ridden state of India yet no cancer hospital, youth of Punjab is forced to sit on protests demanding jobs but these elected officials turn a blind eye, that in fact they are all the same and together (in views and actions), now the need is for us (those who want change) to be together.


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